Top 5 Greek Food Recipes For Delicious Mediterranean Meals

Known for its emphasis on vegetables, olive oil, and seafood, Greek cuisine is the perfect balance of healthy and hearty. Try these traditional recipes for delicious Mediterranean meals.

Tzatziki is a refreshing Greek yogurt dip that can be used for anything from dipping gyros to a light salad. This easy recipe will be a crowd-pleaser for sure!


This classic Greek recipe is a light and refreshing summer treat. It features grilled chicken, tzatziki (a cucumber-yogurt sauce) and a warmed pita. It’s easy to make and a perfect addition to any Mediterranean meal.

Souvlaki is not to be confused with a gyro, which is made from meat shaved off a vertical rotisserie. The main difference between the two is that souvlaki is traditionally served on a skewer, while gyro meat is often wrapped in a pita.

Souvlaki has been around for centuries, with references in Roman archives and later in Istanbul, where street vendors were selling souvlakia with pita bread. Today, souvlaki shops can be found all over the world. This popular food is considered a healthy alternative to fast-food restaurants and provides all the flavor and satisfaction of a gourmet meal.


Moussaka is a comfort food like no other. It features layers of baked eggplants and potatoes, a rich ground meat sauce, and bechamel sauce. It is a must-have on every Greek family’s menu!

It can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge, making it the perfect dinner to bring to a party or a quick weeknight meal. It is also a good option for vegetarians because it can be made without meat!

While the classic Greek version with layers of baked eggplant, potatoes and ground beef is the most well-known variation of the dish, there are many different variations all over the world. In Albania and Bulgaria, for instance, they use only potatoes in their moussaka. In Turkey, zucchini or mushrooms can be used in place of the eggplant.


Bouyiourdi (boo-your-THEE) is a dish that’s found on many Greek taverna menus. It’s a combination of baked feta cheese and tomatoes, which are melded together and elevated by the warm feta. It’s a very simple dish that only requires a few ingredients and is easy to prepare.

This dish is often served as a meze or appetizer, and it’s a favorite of many people. It can be eaten with crusty bread to mop up all the delicious juices. It’s also great for impromptu gatherings and pairs well with wine, ouzo, or tsipouro.

The best part about this recipe is that it can be made with any type of feta cheese. It’s important to use a good quality feta that has a bold, salty flavor. You can also add a bit of petimezi or balsamic vinegar for depth and acidity.


The Greeks love stuffed vegetables and their most famous example are the yemista (gemista). It is a dish where tomatoes or peppers are hollowed out and filled with a rice, minced meat and herb filling. Depending on the family recipe, this stuffed veggie can be vegetarian or it can contain kefalograviera cheese.

The stuffing is usually a mixture of lean ground beef or lamb with rice and crushed tomatoes and is seasoned with herbs and spices like cumin, oregano, allspice and nutmeg. My yiayia also used to sprinkle the top of each gemista with a bit of breadcrumbs for an extra crunchy finish.

Serve these yemista warm with lots of sauce, fresh Greek salad, tzatziki and crusty village bread on the side. This is a great dish that tastes even better the next day!


Sardines may not be a trendy fish but they’re a favourite in Greek restaurants and beachside tavernas, especially for their calcium and Omega-3 content. They are also cheap to buy and easy to prepare.

To cook sardines one must first clean them carefully, removing their scales and intestines while keeping the heads intact. This can be done either with a sharp knife or by hand, using water to wash off the salt.

They can then be grilled or cooked in the oven. Baked stuffed sardines are especially popular as they ground the bold fishy flavor and make them more palatable for those not used to eating them. They pair perfectly with a Classic Greek Green Salad – Maroulosalata or any other type of salad with feta and olives drizzled with lemony vinaigrette.

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